Members of the EuroT&AM express their deep solidarity with researchers, students and the Ukrainian society as a whole, victims of the military intervention of Russia. The entrance of the Russian armed forces and the bombing of Ukraine remind of former dramas. Researchers must more than ever raise their voice to refuse making tools of history and of memory and to promote critical reason. In collaboration with Ukrainian researchers, we want to carry the word of human sciences against armed violence. We also support the courageous voices that try to be heard in Russia itself and we remain committed to maintain our relations with Russian colleagues and Russian members of the EuroT&AM.

2 March 2022

On 8 April 2022, we open a new page, Ukrainian Researchers, to document help proposed in Europe.

We must enter into a dialogue if our discipline is to continue to renew itself. It is not by chance that nearly all the major developments in theory and analysis since the Second World War have come from the USA […]: Europe as a whole needs now to wrest back the initiative by engaging with American theory in its own terms. Otherwise, […] we run the risk either of stubborn cultural isolationism or of death by stagnation under the continuing colonisation of our discipline by the American theory industry.

Jonathan Cross, “Spleen et Idéal: Montpellier 1995″,
Newsletter of the SMA, 8 (May 1995), 17.

The European Societies for Theory and/or Analysis of Music decided during EuroMAC 9 in Strasbourg in July 2017 to form a European Network. This project came true during a meeting on 24 May 2018 in Zagreb.

The Network was created by the following societies (in alphabetic order): GATM, Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale; GMTh, Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie; HDGT, Hrvatsko društvo glazbenih teoretičara (Croatian Society for Music Theory); OTM, Общество Теории Музыки (Russian Society for Music Theory); PTAM, Polskie Towarzystwo Analizy Muzycznej (Polish Society for Music Analysis); SBAM, Société belge d’Analyse musicale; SFAM, Société française d’Analyse musicale; SMA, Society for Music Analysis; VvM, Vereniging voor Muziektheorie (Dutch Society for Music Theory). They were joined on 22 November 2018 by the ATAM, Associació de Teoria i Anàlisi Musicals.

The SDMT, Српско друштво за музичку теорију, Srpsko društvo za muzičku teoriju (Serbian Society for Music Theory) was created in Belgrade on 12 September 2019. The SPIM, Sociedade Portuguesa de Investigação en Musica, joined in November 2019. The SATMUS, Sociedad de Análisis y Teoría Musical, was officially created during a virtual meeting on June 4, 2020. The BSMT, Българско сдружение за музикална теория (БСМТ) (Bulgarian Society for Music Theory) was founded in November 2021. They all joined our network which today (December 2021) counts 14 Societies!

The aim of this website is to create a space for collective projects in Europe concerning music theory and music analysis. Everyone involved with music theory or music analysis research in Europe is welcome to participate: send your comments and suggestions to