Multilingual Schenkerian Terminology

This project aims at the coordination of a multilingual Schenkerian terminology in Europe, not only from a lexicological point of view, but also from that of the definition of Schenkerian concepts. This terminology is a European, modern one. It may differ from that in the American or French, Italian, Spanish and other official translations.

Links from the list below open separate pages with translations, in alphabetic order, in Czech (Český) (thanks to prof. Lubomir Spurny, with Klara Hedvika Muhlova and her colleagues at Masaryk University), in Croatian (Hrvatski), in English, in French and in Portuguese (thanks to Luciane Beduschi, Cristina Capparelli Gerling, Guilherme Sauerbronn de Barros and Ivan Gonçalves Nabuco). Other European languages will be added as soon as possible (contributions are welcome). For some of the translations, additional links lead to definitions: this part is in construction.

Do not hesitate to propose translations in your own language, and to discuss the proposed definitions of concepts. Write us at