Ukrainian Researchers

Several European countries try to provide help to Ukrainian (and Russian) researchers fleeing the Russian war in Ukraine. This page links to web pages describing such aids.

Societies for music theory and/or analysis as such may not be able to offer much help, but we will try to stress more specific aids to music theorists, musicologists and musicians.

Science for Ukraine. An extensive list of links. (Search the menu at the top right.)

ERA4Ukraine, overview of existing actions at European and national levels.

Science for Ukraine, proposals for aid in the Universität Erfurt, Germany.

IBL PAN, invitation to apply for a stay in the Institute of Literary Research through the International Relation Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences. (English text under the Polish one.)

ALLEA, All European Academies’ help for Ukraine.

CLARIN initiatives supporting the Ukrainian research community, particularly in the domain of language (including help in translations).

SUCHO, Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online.

The Zagreb Academy of Music supports students from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Contemporary Music Culture on the Internet
(Selected References). File provided by Olena Dyachkova (Kiev).