A Tonnetz Online Interactive Environment

The SMIR [Structural Music Information Research] project at the University of Strasbourg developed a Tonnetz environment, consisting in an adjustable network on which music can be seen in real time. The network is adjusted by indicating in number of semitones the distance covered by each of the “strands” of the “net”: 1, 4, 7, for instance, indicates that the three strands framing a triangle have dimensions of 1, 4 and 7 semitones. Midi files can be downloaded, or a piece of music played and recorded, which, once played, will be seen on the Tonnetz and on interval “clock dials” at the right. The link is here:

The Tonnetz – One Key, Many Representations

Details concerning the SMIR project can be found on Moreno Andreatta’s page in the Music Representation team of the Ircam.

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