Gender balance

Nicolas Meeùs (on behalf of the EuroT&AM network) — August 28, 2019 — 4:55 pm

The EuroT&AM has been made aware that the list of keynote speakers assembled by the Russian Society for Music Theory for EuroMAC 10 in Moscow does not present the gender balance that one should expect in our discipline. This list results from individual answers to invitations sent individually to each of the societies. We feel concerned by this situation on which we had no control and we would like future EuroMACs to be as inclusive as possible. We wish to assure the conference delegates that issues of diversity and equality are high on our agenda, and we will recommend the selection committees for EuroMAC 10 to be attentive about it. In the meanwhile, we are happy to open discussion about this here.
The members of the EuroT&AM network.

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